Cool ASCII 1.0

Developer cciyy

Cool ASCII allows to create pictures from ASCII characters and convert to HTML.

ASCII Art Generator

ASCII Art Generator 3.2

Developer ASCII Art Generator, Inc.

ASCII Art Generator is an application to convert images to ASCII characters.

ASCII Art Studio

ASCII Art Studio 2.2

Developer TorchSoft

ACII Art Studio is a application to create images to ASCII characters pictures.


TextDraw 5.9

Developer Pixio Inc

TextDraw is an ASCII art editor that you can use to create text drawings.


TextMorph 2.7

Developer Chris Long

TextMorph is a FREE powerful ASCII text formatter.


Ascii Text ART Adult

Flashpaste Lite

Flashpaste Lite 5.7

Developer Softvoile

Flashpaste Lite - A Free Powerful Copy & Paste Utility.

Nayab Inpage to Unicode Converter

Nayab Inpage to Unicode Converter 4.2

Developer Nayab Software

It helps you to quickly and easily convert Inpage Urdu text to Unicode format.


RapidDXF 4.0

Developer DeliCAD

RapidDXF reads ASCII (text) or XLS files of coordinates and creates DXF files.


pdftextconverter 1.3

Developer Filehunter software

A comprehensive PDF-to-text and text-to-PDF document converter.

ICQ ChatCraft

ICQ ChatCraft 1.6

Developer atonsoft

Manage ASCII art for ICQ, convert image to ASCII art.


PDF-to-Text 3.3

Developer Intelligent Converters

You can convert Adobe PDF documents into ASCII text format.


PabloDraw 3.2

Developer Picoe Software

It is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor and viewer.

Paraben's Text-To-Voice

Paraben's Text-To-Voice 2.0

Developer Paraben Corporation

Paraben's Text-to-Voice 2.0 is a text reader for Windows computers.


ClaroLingo 1.0

Developer Claro Software

Enables the computer translate and speak any text in a wide range of languages.

OCRTools Barcode Demo

OCRTools Barcode Demo 5.0

Developer FileInnovations

The OCR Barcode Component translates one-dimensional barcodes into ASCII text.


Ascii Text ART Adult

OCRTools Barcode Component API/SDK

OCRTools Barcode Component API/SDK 5.0

Developer File Innovations

Allows you to translate one-dimensional barcodes into ASCII text from an image.


AsciiConvert 1.1

Developer Informatik Inc

sciiConvert is your software tool to convert and restructure ASCII text files.

Pingotec Text Art

Pingotec Text Art 1.6

Developer Adlersparre & Associates Inc.

HS CardReader

HS CardReader 1.2

Developer Yenicag Bilisim Ltd

Can recognize text on images and translate them into ASCII text.


ZX-Preview 1.0

Developer Claus Jahn

Displays visible block contents as Spectrum SCREEN$, ASCII text.

Image to Text Art

Image to Text Art 1.0

Developer Blake Pell


DrawMerge 1.0

Developer Rindsberg Photography, Inc.

DrawMerge generates lists of numbers and outputs them to ASCII text files.

Blaine's ASCII Text Effects

Blaine's ASCII Text Effects 1.0

Developer Blaine's Movie Maker Blog

ASCII Text Plug-in

ASCII Text Plug-in 7.1

Developer Gallagher Group Ltd.

Blaines ASCII Text Effects

Blaines ASCII Text Effects 1.0

Developer Blaine's Movie Maker Blog

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